Our Cards

Welcome to sent with pride. 

All of our cards are beautifully designed by our fabulous creative designer. Here is a quick guide around the style of cards we sell. 


This is where it all started. The first ideas came from my initial reason for setting up this business, to be able to buy a card for my son and his husband with the family headings. Next came the idea for the designs. WORLD PRIDE. This was easy to base the cards on the countries that my son and son in law and their amazing friends love to travel to. 


The idea behind the title of this range just expresses how everyone has the right to feel and be proud 365 days of the year. 


These cards are about having some fun with a cheeky twist. Sending and receiving a greeting card can be fun for both the sender and the recipient. Be SASSY. 


Our checking in cards mean so much. Communication plays such a big part in life. Along with texting and calling someone you know, the written message can also be a powerful way to communicate. Anyone you know that might be feeling down or lost, who could be struggling then check in with them. Let them know you are there for them .


These cards are so exciting.  They are all about a play on words, they make our collection so different. We have brought out some of the POLARI text. The actual POLARI language originated even as early as the 1700's. It is a coded language that Gay people used to prevent them from being outed. The POLARI language is now recognised as being historically important. The language played a big part in enabling this group of people to persevere in being true to themselves. 

All our cards are printed on 300gsm premium textured white card. 150mm x 150mm card size. all with a brown envelope. Standard letter size. All with FREE 1st CLASS UK DELIVERY. 

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