About Us

 Welcome to sent with Pride. 

Our mission is to provide Greeting cards and pride goods that celebrate every colour of the rainbow in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Sent with pride was born out of pure frustration. As a very proud mum of a gay son and son in law...why could i never find a greeting card  that i was proud to send them. The variety just wasn't there. So with a few good ideas for card designs and a great opportunity to make use of my retail background i decided to rally my son, his husband, their friends and allies and create a range of customised greeting cards that focus on Diversity, inclusion, belonging and showing we care. 

I really hope our cards respectfully represent this wonderful, colourful and diverse community...and the variety will only grow. 

Our approach has been to design our cards through the lens of the people who send and receive them, working with friends, family and fabulous creative designers. Since 2022 we have been working with a great new creative Designer, Faye Joyce Designs. We have made use of other professionals out there, a great tech team to showcase our products and a great printing company that specialise in the production of greeting cards. Our amazing designs are printed on a beautiful textured white card. We can assure you that our cards do look and feel like a little piece of art. 

We offer a free 1st class uk delivery on all our greeting cards and pride goods. 

We also offer a personal card writing service. We can hand write your chosen card on your behalf and then post it straight to your recipient. For further details please visit our card writing information page. 

Sent with pride aims to use its success to give back to the community. We have chosen charities close to our heart, charities that work so hard to make a positive difference to someone's life in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Our first chosen charity is UK BLACK PRIDE. We will make a donation from every card we sell. 


Thank you for shopping with sent with pride. 

We welcome all comments and ideas on our comments page. Please also follow us on instagram and facebook. 

Thank you for visiting our page.